Tank Arm - Oil Tank Security

Tank Arm: Oil Tank Security Lock

Oil Tank Lock for DESO V1340DD Diesel Dispenser - Single Lock

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DESO V1340DD Diesel Dispenser Tank Lock - Oil Tank Security For DESO V1340DD Diesel Dispenser

A simple lock designed to fit over the inspection hole on your plastic oil tank. The base plate screws to the tank surface with tamper proof screws. An arm (attached to the base plate with stainless steel rivet) then covers the lid and is secured to the other side of the base plate with a padlock. The lid can then only be removed if padlock is removed.

This lock fits most single skin and bunded Deso oil tanks with screw top lids, for example, Deso H1235, H1900, H2500, LP1230, R1220, V1340, V2455, V3300 and V5000 (and the bunded versions, e.g. H1235B etc). It will not fit older Deso tanks with flap top lids. If in any doubt, please contact us, sending a photo of your oil tank if possible.

Materials: All Tank Arms are made from 5mm thick solid steel. The steel is zinc plated and assembled with a stainless steel tamper proof rivet, providing an anti-corrosion barrier so the arms will never rust or seize. The 2" aluminium cap is attached to the arm with a hardened steel pin, welded at both ends, to prevent removal.

Padlocks: We do not include a padlock, as some customers will have one already. However a padlock is required. We recommend the Wordlock padlock.

The DESO V1340DD Diesel Dispenser

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We recommend the ABUS Diskus Padlock

ABUS Diskus Padlock
Price: £15.00
Availability: In stock

Installing Tank Arm

The Tank Arm oil tank lock can be fitted without any drilling. However, some people may find it easier to drill pilot holes first. In such cases, we recommend a 3mm drill bit, for sale online for 80p. See our 3mm drill bit page for more details.

Drill bit
3mm Drill Bit
Price: £0.80
Availability: In stock
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