Tank Arm - Oil Tank Security

Tank Arm: Oil Tank Security Lock

Oil Tank Locks for Titan H1350

Double Outlet Lock and Vent Cover - Older Titans (longer arm)

Double Outlet Lock and Vent Cover - Older Titans (longer arm)

Oil Tank Lock for Titan H1350

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Securing a Titan Oil Tank?

Titan Oil Tank Locks - Security For Your Titan Oil Tank

We have various options in our Tank Arm range for Titan oil tanks, and it is important to find the right one for your tank.

Longer arm? Shorter arm? Older Titan? Read more here - Finding the right lock for a Titan Oil Tank

Tank Arm Models

Large Single Oil Tank Locks for Bunded Tanks

The Large Single Lock for Bunded tanks secures the lid on the outer tank, making it very difficult to gain access to the inner tank.

Double Oil Tank Locks

The Double Outlet Lock can protect 2 outlets of an oil tank – the inspection hole, and fill point.

Single Oil Tank Locks

The Single Outlet Lock protects the inspection hole on the oil tank, which is otherwise left vulnerable.

Vent Covers

Vent covers are included with some Tank Arms, where appropriate. If your oil tank has a vent, it is worth securing it as another oil tank security measure.

All vent covers come with tamper proof safety screws.

Vent cover
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